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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How-to: See All of Sephora's Coupon Codes

Are you interested in seeing ALL of Sephora's coupon codes for their Limited Time specials, Everyday Freebies, and Special Value Sets? Usually, when you click to see their "Weekly Special" on their home page or the flashing banner of "Free Returns/3 Free Samples/Free Shipping" on the top left of the home page, it takes you to a page which lists the freebies. It is a short list that looks like the page on the left.

As a Beauty Insider, I receive their newsletters in my email. One day, I clicked on their Freebies logo and it took me to this page that you see on the left. It is obviously more in-depth and lists a whole lot more of choices. It includes a lot more of "Limited Time" specials and a new section on Special Value Sets (usually freebies with a purchase of a fragrance set.)

To see the complete version of the coupon code list at Sephora

Go to: http://www.sephora.com/promo/beautybonuses/index.jhtml
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