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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

End of Summer Beauty Thoughts

I've been hearing this term "end of summer" lately and it is quite frightening to hear that. That means the past two months- June and July- have gone by so quickly that I did not even realize it. I mean, where did all this time go? Also, this means that my summer "tan," which is more like a shade of normal human color will fade as quickly as I received it. Does this mean I should pack away my Everyday Minerals Summer Bronzer pressed powder? It seems like I just started wearing it too...

I blogged quite a bit this summer already about Everyday Minerals, including their Free Sample Kit, my Super Custom Kit order and all the new products that came out. Here is a full listing here:
* Free Sample Kit Review
* My Super Custom Kit haul
* Swan Special (which is currently valid!)
* New Products in June
* Eye Shadow Compacts
* More Reasons I Adore EDM

Wow, I blogged about them quite a bit.. there is something about them that makes their products addictive. Their site and fabulous forum makes you feel connected to the company and their great products do not hurt either. You can read my "More Reasons I Adore EDM" to find out more.

I should really do a review on my haul, in the above picture. As you can see I have quite a few brushes and I am using each one except the two which are duplicates. (They are my backups in case I lose them.) I have the following:

- flat top brush- used to apply the base foundation
- long handled kabuki brush- also used to apply base foundation or overall face color
- stippling brush (which is no longer available)- to apply brush and blend face color
- eye kabuki brush- for my under-eye concealer

So goodbye bright, light summer-y shades, and hello to darker browns, forest greens, and deep violets ! Their eyeliner kit is perfect.. ;)

Things to look forward to in the fall:
- Fall neutral eye colors
- Continue experimenting with my EDM colors (it's been so hot that I hardly get a chance to wear all my EDM goodies) and new EDM products
- Using retractable brushes for on-the-go!
- Cooler weather, so I can wear my long cardigans and sweaters

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Sandra ( Mayaa) said...

Hi! I got your blog from EDM :) I like it, but i would love some swatches too :) Have a nice day!

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