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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Product Review: Physicians Formula Organic wear Facial Makeup Remover Towelettes

On my way to get the World of Grains cookies, I stopped by the CVS to see what new products were in store. I was super ecstatic to see the Physicians Formula OrganicWear make-up removers at my local CVS store. This store in particular always has the newest products, and it is where I found the Carmindy Natural Beauty line too.

They had all four kinds of the Physicians Formula Organic wear makeup remover available and before most purchases, I make sure that the items are properly sealed. I made the mistake of purchasing a Maybelline eyeshadow palette from a drugstore that was opened because the two mini brushes were missing. After that, I always double check that the product has not been tampered with especially since these will be going on my face I was curious to see how the eye make-up remover pads and the face towelettes were sealed. The two that I opened did not seem to have any seals on them, so I was wary that people might've contaminated them. I opened another of the face towelettes jar and it had the seal, so I bought that one.

My review- The packaging made the product easy to use. It reminds me of a Clorox wipes jar, so you just pull a towelette out from the top lid one at a time.

The sheet itself is normal sized- enough to cover your face and wipe all the makeup clean. It is rather thin,though, like a sheet or two of paper but that doesn't bother me.

To use- At first swipe, it took off my blush and I could see that a distinct rosy pink on the towelette. I next wiped my forehead, chin, etc., and I could see my face makeup color on there as well. So, it definitely works. Even though this towelette is recommended to be used for face makeup, I decided to do a quick test on my eye makeup. I gently pressed the towel on my eyelid and it picked up a lot of my mineral eye shadow. I just finished removing my mascara, eyeliner, and shadows with baby oil.

The result- A clean and happy face! The natural product did not irritate my sensitive skin and my face felt toned afterward.
To get more info on their $5 rebate for their removers, check out my previous post here.

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