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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Get Blissful with BlissMoBox.com

Monthly subscription boxes are the next big thing! A good number of them have started to surface appealing to consumers who want to try new & different products in a surprise box of goodies. (This explains the success of several out there already and its popularity of many copycats.) I recently came across a few and I figured I would join to see what the buzz is all about- especially the new ecofriendly ones. It's a monthly subscription so you can opt out if you're not happy. (But there's always the hope that next month may be a better box!)

The latest I have joined is BlissMoBox- a box full of eco-friendly products! They also have BlissMo.com to buy eco-friendly deals!!

Want to join for only $11 (half price for your first month!) Go blissmobox.com/member-referral/. Enter my email as referral: beautyandallthat @ gmail.com :)

There are three subscription options:
- Monthly: $19/month + $3 shipping
- 3 Month: $19/month + free shipping!
- 6 Months: $19/month + free shipping + free Tshirt!

I just joined so I haven't gotten my box yet but two very good things about them is really why I signed up. It also may differentiate BlissMoBox from the rest of the other companies which I think is beneficial to consumers.

Two things:
1) they offer you OPTIONS I assume each month may be different but they seem to have a limited edition box having a guest curate one.

Want to see October's themes??
* Cleaner Cleaning - Conventional cleaning products generally contain lots of scary toxins. Ditch the dirt AND the chemicals...
* Bath & Body Bliss - Besides the water, do you know what else you’re bathing with? Bypass dirty toxins and nourish your skin with nature’s finest...
* Pure & Simple Snacks -The colors, the smells, and the flavors all make for a delicious season.
* Fresh-Faced & Fabulous - This box is packed with organic and natural goodies that will leave you feeling beautiful inside and out.
* GOOD 'Essentials' - Here's your chance to get a super-limited edition GOOD Magazine curated blissmobox (only 50 available)!

With all these wonderful choices.. I really cannot decide which one to get! :( (A downfall if you're new to BlissMoBox.com)

2) You can choose to skip a month if you don't like any of the options. The option to skip is great especially if you're not feeling like any of those are great so you can extend your subscription and check out next month's themes. The option of choosing is giving us the flexibility to decide on what we're looking for in our surprise monthly gift boxes. Rather than an absolute blind box, BlissMoBox gives us some consumer choice which I like!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great pre-review! :) Glad that you found us. You're right, we always keep our customers in mind as the subscription service is a discovery of eco-friendly surprises, which is why we offer different box themes for your choice and the option to opt-out for a month. We are excited to see which October box you chose and what you think of your new eco-friendly products!

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