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Sunday, October 16, 2011

My October Birchbox

I received my October Birchbox fairly quickly this month.. It seems like they expedited their shipment because after a day I received my notification, I received it in about 2 days. :) Lots of buzz was going around pre-shipment in terms of speculating what products would be in their bag. Also saw in forums people were actually noting the weight of their box! I got an average sized box- as you can see, it looks quasi-empty. Since I shelled out $10 for this, I have made it my mission to use all my samples. I haven't used any of these products before so why not? :)

My favorite item in the box is the Clark's Botanicals Intense Radiance Mask. It's made of kaolin so absorbs oil and it's extremely moisturizing at the same time. It smells amazing and I'm wearing it as I type! In 10 minutes, I will have a fresh clean face, will hopefully less gunk in my pores.

Have you tried Birchbox yet?
Another favorite.. is the Laura Gellar Spackle- tinted primer in bronze. It's Fall and I'm trying to keep as much of my summer color as possible, so why not? I'm also loving my NEW Caudalie Tinted Moisturizer.. which complements this spackle well.

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1 comment:

pamgotcrazy said...

Wow! Nice stuff you have there.. I wish I can get those too. I think I wanna try it. :-)

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