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Sunday, October 30, 2011

My October EcoEmi box!

My second EcoEmi box is here! It arrived about two days ago and was excited to get this again! It was perfectly themed for Halloween- with cute pumpkin confetti- and lots of great Fall items for me to use into November.

They all came in this reusable PLUSH velvet bag which I will be using to carry my beauty items in my bag. It's super soft and great for organizing my knickknacks.

As you can see there's a combination of beauty & food items which is why EcoEmi is such a treat to get. Once I took pictures for this posting, all the foodie items were placed into my bag to bring to work (all except for the mulling spice which I placed in my kitchen.) Beauty items include another lip balm from Crazy Rumors in a Peppermint Lemongrass flavor, soap sample in Almond Spice (not pictured) from Herbaria, and shampoo/conditioner and hair styling cream samples from a brand called Neuma. I already used the shampoo/conditioner and it smells peppermint-y!! There's also a mini candle in a Sweet Orange/Clove Bud from Big Dipper WaxWorks. The candle must've froze because I can easily remove it from the jar.

Food Samples include...
- A tea packet in Peach Blossom
- Vegan Organic Bar (can't wait to taste this!)
- Vegan organic Mulling Spice- blend of cloves, cinnamond and other yummy spices to make a cider
- Gin Gin Ginger candy- pack of 6 individually wrapped candies inside.

SO there you have it, another delicious and homey October box. Although it came pretty late in the month, I am eager to use this into November. Excited for my upcoming boxes later this year as they are appropriately Holiday themed!! :)

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