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Sunday, September 07, 2014

Ease into Fall with Sweet-ease wax strips

With summer almost coming to an end, it doesn't mean you still won't need to groom! I'll still be wearing shorts and dresses well into the September and October so shaving & waxing will still be on my to-do list.  Do you prefer a razor or a waxer? Shaving with razors always seemed easier to me until I discovered DIY Waxing kits at home with SweetEase! I mean after all, their tagline is: "Easy Peasy! Wax It Sweetie!" Plus- with waxing, you'll get to enjoy smooth-free skin longer than shaving!

I received the Bikini Waxing Kit, Leg Waxing Kit and Face Waxing Kit to try and also to compare the differences between the 3. (They're available at Ulta and only cost $4-5 per kit) 

Here's the Leg waxing kit and comes with 20 strips. (10 packets but each has a side of wax so counts has 2 strips) To "warm" up the wax, simply slide your hands over the wax strip as if you're warming up your hands. Once you feel the wax is warm, you can peel off and you'll get two strips with wax to start using! Note: the Leg waxing kit has the LARGEST wax strips, compared to the other two. 

Each kit comes with EASY instructions so you can follow along and two towelettes to remove any remaining residue wax afterward.  

The Bikini Waxing Kit is also very similar to the Leg waxing kit but there are only 16 strips (8 packettes) and a bit smaller. These were also easier to "warm" up as the wax strips are smaller. They're vanilla scented so definitely smelled nice. The after-use wipes were also useful as it can be a bit sticky, plus the wax hardens. If you're out of the wipes, I recommend using Argan Oil on a cotton ball/wipe.

The Face Waxing Kit are the smallest of the wax kits which makes sense since you do not want to wax your eyebrows off!  These can also be used for legs and bikini areas in case some spots.

(Disclaimer: I received this product from this company's PR agency to test, try and share my thoughts with my readers.)

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