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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Jessica Smith's Barre Fitness DVD Review

This summer, I have been upping my fitness routines by attending outdoor fitness activities and also trying out new DVDs. (Pairing my workouts with the awesome Fabletics outfits.) Ever since I've been using my Barre Conditioning video last year, I've been hooked! I've discovered another DVD that has even more ballet-inspired workouts to help get a ballerina physique- Jessica Smith's Barre Fitness DVD.

Jessica Smith is a YouTube guru who has some amazing videos on different workout sessions. I haven't heard of her until I got the DVD so I was happy to add her to my YouTube subscription list. There are three 20-minute sessions that help focus on what you want to accomplish in your workout. (Also the shorter quick-hits makes it easier when you're on a time crunch!) There's Cardio Ballet, Barre Burn and a Floor Barre routine.

Here's a rundown for each of the routines:
The Cardio Ballet routine is an incredible routine of exercises to keep your heart rate up (w/o having to wear sneakers)! When you don't have a lot of room to exercise (think- you can even do this in your living room or hotel room) this is a great routine to do. It's low impact, moving your entire body while jogging lightly.

The Barre Burn routine uses a chair and hand weights (optional) to help simulate a classroom with actual ballet bars. Lots of great strength exercises here to workout the glutes and butt! (Note the chair used should have a back that is about the height of your waist). The strength exercises using the hand weights were actually my favorite part. Some exercises including a chair pose while extending arms in & out and holding the weights, and a tree pose with arms extended while holding weights.

The Floor Barre routine is probably my favorite since my preference are anything mat routines. It's best used with a small ball but since I don't have one, a yoga pillow worked to help support my back. There's tons of core work exercises so this was a great routine to help strengthen those muscles as well as my back.

Check out more Jessica Smith's routines on her YouTube channel or get the DVD on Amazon!

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