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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

SOBO Skincare -time to take care of your skin!

Anti-aging. I recently had a friend ask if I used any anti-aging products and I had to really think about it. I know I use a lot of products but were they specifically targeted for anti-aging? My routine has been on a roller coaster ride- some weeks it gets very complex, then simple, then back to trying more products. I began to investigate more into anti-aging ingredients and immediately I found ones that used the ingredient Resvertrol- naturally found in plants and even foods such as red grapes (think wine!).

A skincare line that I've discovered, SOBO Skincare offers a line of anti-aging products and I got the opportunity to test a sample of their Ultra Age Repairing Cream with Resveratrol. What is great about their product is that they focus on using natural and organic ingredients. It contains jojoba and apricot kernel oil to help moisturize your skin and of course, resvertrol and hyaluronic acid to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

My experience:
I have used this for a few nights already and I can tell you laugh lines around my mouth seem to be less noticeable now. The cream felt incredibly light  and smooth on my skin and left a nice finish afterwards. Overall, my face looks brighter and definitely more smooth. I'm always inclined to use products that contain natural oils on my face to keep it from drying out.

I'm excited to try the other products in their skincare line now!

SOBO Skincare line also includes:
- Age Smoothing Eye Serum- keep your peepers looking young!
- Ultra HGF Youth Serum- helps with dry skin and prevents sign of future aging
- Essential Moisturizing Cream - for daily use and if you don't need the "anti-aging" properties

For my readers, I have a special 25% off discount to use on SOBO Skincare! Use this code: TRYSOBO  at checkout (soboskincare.com) and you can save 25% Off!! (note: discount is applied to your first purchase only and cannot be combined with any other discounts.)

(Disclaimer: Backed by BrandBacker.)

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