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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Maybelline Stylish Smokes Collection

I was on my way to Rite-Aid to pick up a few things and I saw on the beauty displays a new eyeshadow quad collection by Maybelline. I tried to find more information on their website but I was not surprised they did not have it on their website. (I tried to find more info on their previous collection, Viva La Violet, earlier this year but didn't have much luck either. Check out the Violet collection here.)

This new Summer collection is called Stylish Smokes and includes 4 different color sets- Natural, Smoky black, Purples, and Greens. Each set contains 4 complimentary colors to achieve a smoky eye look with easy directions for your lids, crease, brow bone and outer corner. Maybelline makes it easy for beginners to apply which colors to which part of your eye with a diagram tutorial in the back of the packaging.

You don't necessarily have to use all 4 colors at once. Instructions include ways to have a Subtle Look (using only the lid color), a Casual look (using the lid and crease color), a Classic Smoky look (using the lid, crease and brow bone) and the Dramatic Smoky look (using all four colors).

I bought two of the four from the Stylish Smokes collection- Natural Smokes and Charcoal Smokes.

The Natural Smokes collection has more brown-ish tones. The Brow Bone (highlighter) color is more champagne/beige; the Lid is a shimmery dark taupe; the Crease is a shimmery dark brown, and the Outer Corner is a matte brown/black color.

The Stylish Smokes collection (similar to many other smokey eye palettes) has the silvery/grey/black tones to achieve a perfect smoky eye. The Brow Bone color is a shimmery silver color; The Lid is a darker Silver, the Crease is also a shimmery darker Silver with hints of purple, and the Outer Corner is a black tone with hints of sparkle.

The other two palettes I did not pick up were the Emerald Smokes (greens) and Amethyst Smokes (purples).

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Anonymous said...

Hi I read that you got the stylish smokies quads from Rite Aid, but where I live we don't have a Rite Aid. Do you think that they'll be available at other stores like CVS and Walgreens?

** Beauty and All That said...

Thanks for your comment! I have seen this compact at a CVS, but I have not checked out any Walgreens lately. So, you should definitely ask your CVS if they carry this.

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