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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Jersey Shore Wedding- Part 2 Beauty Tips

At every wedding, there is always someone designated to do the bride's makeup, usually a makeup artist, a professional or a good friend. At the Jersey Shore wedding that I attended, there was a professional makeup artist who worked in weddings as a part-time job. We were all eager to chat with her about beauty tips, her experiences in the industry, and her schooling to get into the business. She told us about her struggles with juggling a full-time job and classes for her cosmetology license. She also said her main driving force was her passion for cosmetics/beauty and doing what she loves. :)

So a few basic tips that she told us to get a bride-beautiful face included:
1)Use primer! Primer will give your face/eyes a clean slate and palette so the colors will look their best. If you have dark circles around your eyes, you can use a yellow based primer to neutralize the discoloration around that area. Primers can also be used to control the oil on your face, to prevent shininess throughout the day.

2)Ask the bride what look she wants. The bride opted for a very natural look so minimal color was used, while looking fresh and gorgeous. She mixed two blush colors to achieve a radiant glow. She also used basic black eyeliner and a light, neutral shimmery shade for her eyelids.

3)Don't stick with just one brand. We had asked her what her favorites were and while she mentioned MAC, she told us that there were so many different companies with similar formulas so don't stick with just one name brand.

Other advice/tips in general included:
1) Checking for expiration dates on products.
2) Going to makeup shows to see new products/brands/colors and learn more about makeup!

Here are some pictures of her stash:

Her makeup palette, including the two blush colors.
Her collection of makeup brushes!

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