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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Jersey Shore Wedding - Part 1

This weekend I went to a friend's wedding and it was absolutely gorgeous! Not only was it fun catching up with good friends but the overall atmosphere was so nice. It was a small wedding and most of the guests stayed in the same Bed & Breakfast. (The breakfast was delicious, by the way) It was the first time I ever stayed at a B&B so the experience was interesting. All the rooms were furnished with its own decor. The ceremony and reception was so beautiful (as was the tasty wedding cake.) Congratulations to the bride & groom!!

Bed & Breakfast
Here's are some pictures of the B&B I stayed in, including the room:

The view of the front gardens from one of the rooms.

The view of the grand kitchen, where the yummy breakfasts were made (including fresh, delicious blueberry muffins.) Unfortunately, guests were not allowed in this area. The kitchen is stunning and I really love the island :)

This is a view of the living room area. They had board games, books, and travel information.

This is the opposite side of the room with a nice table and two chairs. In the middle of the room (now shown) is a couch seating area overlooking a fireplace.

This is a picture of the bedroom I stayed in. This only shows one of the double beds, and this was my roomie's side. The decor was very pink, as you can tell. Pink sheets and drapes and yellow walls. Very girly!
This picture here is the view from the main entrance. Once you walk inside the grand mansion, you see the staircase and this common area. The wedding ceremony actually occurred between the two staircases. The groomsmen and groom walked up the stairs and the bridesmaids and bride walked down the top stairs to meet in the middle. :)

Stay tuned for Jersey Shore Wedding - Part 2: Beauty Tips

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