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Monday, November 16, 2009

Holiday Series #6: Travel Essentials with Yes to Carrots & Virgin Airlines

Source: YTC Facebook page

After checking our Yes to Carrot's facebook page, I found out that they are teaming up with Virgin Airlines to provide an exclusive travel amenity kit.

Called the "How Could I Forget?" Kit, this package makes me want to forget my essentials just so I have a reason to purchase this!

This adorable sampler pack for only $10 includes generous sample size items of:
* Yes to Carrots Shampoo
* Yes to Carrots Conditioner
* Yes to Carrots Night Cream
* Yes to Carrots Body Butter Lotion in a tube
* Yes to Carrots Shower Gel
* Lip Balm (rando flavor, I think)
* Breath Mints
* And a zip-lock bag to get back through security fast (I guess this is useful on your way home, since you will purchasing this on your destination flight.)

If you haven't tried these products before, this is a great way to sample the variety of Yes to Carrots products. If you're looking for other value kits to try the Yes to Cucumbers or Yes to Tomatoes brand because you have more sensitive (Cucumber) or oily/combination (try Tomatoes) skin, check out their new Yes to Carrots new Facial Starter Kits.

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