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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Meg's Makeup Gift- Second Package

If you haven't heard of Meg's Makeup yet, that means you didn't check out my previous post on this wonderful blog community. This is one of my favorite sites to go to because you get to read product reviews on beauty products and everyone is so lovely there! An extra benefit? By being an active member, you accumulate points to get makeup goodies! Become a Meg's Makeup member now!

I received my second 250 point package in the mail this week and I am in awe of Meg's generosity. I received three fantastic products!
- LORAC croc palette (valued at $36 on Sephora)
- Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion (valued at $17 on Sephora)
- Aloe Eye Make-Up Remover (available at magicofaloe.com)

Check out my first Meg's Makeup gift package here.

Isn't the packaging amazing? Swatches coming soon.. I couldn't bear to use it just yet. This is my Christmas gift from Meg's Makeup!

Urban Decay EyeShadow Primer Potion- Listed as #8 in the article "15 Best Products of All Time" in December's Marie Claire

Reviews coming soon!

Isn't it time that you be a member of Meg's Makeup?

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.. said...

i received the croc palette as well :) i was so stunned to get it!! beautiful palette!

SharynRamblings said...

that's a great package! i'm loving the palette and the packaging is beautiful. is that an XL primer potion?

** Beauty and All That said...

Lily- Thanks for the comment! Glad you got it too!

SharynRamblings- Yes it is! Great eye ;) It's my first time using a UDPP so I thought this was their regular sized one.

Gaby Fauchon said...

Hello, it's me again! Wow you're making me even more impatient to gain 250 points! The Lorac palette's packaging looks so sleek, and I can't beleive you received the highly raved about HD primer potion! Lucky girl! =D

I currently have around 240 points, and I can't wait to reach 250 =D

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