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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Review: SensiClear Acne Treatment Kit

To continue my quest to find the perfect skincare, anti-acne regimen for myself I decided to try the SensiClear acne treatment kit.
In September, I was using the Burt's Bees Natural Acne Solutions and by the end of the month, I did not find the spot treatment helping my acne. Now, the kind I have is something I have never experienced so I wasn't sure what product to use. They were not the occasional whiteheads on your forehead or nose or cheek, but these were along my jawline.
Causes? (k)No(w) idea! :(

For this month, after receiving this product to test, I decided to try the 30-day challenge with SensiClear acne treatment kit which comes in 3 steps:

Step 1: Purifying Cleanser- "It gently purifies and refreshes the skin while removing excess oil, makeup and debris without drying."
Review- The clear gel cleanser is thicker and sticker than other liquid cleansers I have tried, including the Burt's Bees and Boscia cleansers. It doesn't leave my face feeling dry but instead, deep clean and smooth. Great cleanser and you only have to use a pea-size amount for your entire face.

Step 2: Balancing Toner- "A refreshing toner that conditions, firms and lifts away any residue and goes deep to prepare the skin for treatment."
Review- The packaging of this toner, made with 0.5% Salicylic Acid, is quite unusual. Usually I think of toner aka liquid product packaged in a bottle, but this was in a tube. This clear toner can be described as a more liquid version of the cleanser. You simply put it on a cotton pad and wash it off your face when dry. I have learned to use this only in trouble spots so it doesn't overdry the rest of my face. It's an extra step after cleansing but it does firm my skin after washing.

Step 3: Blemish-Free Acne Treatment Lotion
- "Treats, heals and prevents blemishes while gentle and non-irritating to sensitive skin. This lightweight and fast-absorbing lotion uses the most effective acne treatment to prevent and control breakouts."
Review- The lotion also contains 0.5% Salicylic Acid and I use this at night or during the day when I have time to put it on. (I usually have 5 minutes to do any kind of makeup in the morning before I rush out of the door!) This light yellow lotion is used for the entire face for prevention. The acne trouble I am experiencing is concentrated on the jawline so I just concentrate using this in that area. So far, so good!

The kit also included a bonus Spot Treatment (Step 4) lotion which I use on top of the treatment lotion.

Overall Review: So after using this for the past month, I am pleased to say that I am happy with the results. It took a while about a week and half to two to really see the results. It was frustrating at first because new zits would pop up (ew, I know) in the same area but after consistently using this, there have not been any new ones. :) Now, I still am going to continue using this regimen since I am halfway done with these products (I have a 60 day kit) to ensure I still get my clear skin.

The only thing I am not liking is the SCARS! I need to get rid of them.. which is another quest I will update you all with once I figure it out.

If you have acne scar remedies, please let me know! Thanks!!

To learn more about SensiClear and its Autoship Program..

According to their website, the "SensiClear autoship program entitles you to receive automatic shipments of SensiClear at discounted prices. You'll also receive special offers and discounts from time to time."

(Disclaimer: I received this product from this company's PR agency to test, try and share my thoughts with my readers.)

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