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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Everyday Minerals' forum update and Try Me Free kits

The Everyday Minerals' forum is gone.. It has actually been a few days since they closed it. I'm a bit sad that they did this because it was such a great opportunity for customers/fans of EDM to interact and engage with each other. Also, it was a great resource to see hauls, swatch pictures, etc. They have replaced it with their updated blog which is nice and will take some time to get used to. For now, R.I.P. EDM forum. There are other forums out there where people still go to, but I forgot what they are.

Drama?- The week before the forum went "offline," I remember the admins were adamant about not bashing other members, ie: keeping the forum a place where things were civil and happy. I completely agree- who would want to go to a forum where people were mean to you and bullied you? The root cause may have been stemming from these so-called "group orders." From what I read, it seemed like someone participating in a group order- where one person ordered items for a number of people who wanted to participate in order to get the 45% discount and only wanted just one item- did not pay the person back in time. Not sure if this was true or what exactly happened because I wasn't checking the forum 24/7 and they had deleted those posts. However, it is sad that people just did not communicate enough so if there were any problems in payment, it could have been resolved in a more timely, fashionable manner. Instead, it had to blow up and was probably the last straw for EDM.

In the meantime, I've been on Meg's Makeup plenty to get my daily beauty fix! EDM members are also on here too! :) Read the forum on Meg's makeup to hear what happened to EDM.

Check out my first makeup goodies from Meg's Makeup here and my second package here.

I'm still a fan of Everyday Minerals- adore their products and they recently updated their Try me Free kits for eyes. Even though it says $5, you can add any one of these kits for FREE (hence, they are called "Try Me Free Gifts.") All you have to pay is shipping!

They also have beautiful Christmas and New Year Palettes in their Collection.

The Winter Wonderland collection offers sample sizes of:
- Floating Feathers: a white, light color great for a highlighter and inner corners of your eyes
- Swing Set: a matte, grey-ish blue color for an all-over lid (I own this!)
- Bubble Tea: A shimmery blue color

The Trim the Tree collection offers samples of:
- Parasail: light pink shade, good for highlighter
- Freckles: an olive green color
- Shopping Spree: a very pretty purple! (I own this too!)

Since I already own one of the colors in each set, I won't be getting these. I can't wait for their new kits though!

(Disclaimer: This post contains an affiliate link.)
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.. said...

oh i know!! :( i was so sad that the edm forum was gone!

i absolutely love edm and their new range looks fab! but i'm still super duper disappointed that they got rid of the super custom pack and bump up the postage price :(

Melissa said...

I missed why the forum was closed! I had to study hard for school for a week... then I come back to find the forum is completely deleted. I'm kind of done with EM. I'll miss reading everyone's posts there.

** Beauty and All That said...

Lily- Yea I'm also sad they don't have the custom kits anymore. I wish they still at least had the free custom kits, so I could try new colors.

Melissa- I am not sure why they closed it either.. it just seemed like the direction they were going with when they took it off of their main site. I wish they at least had an explanation on the forum main page. Oh well..

Unknown said...

Shortly before the EDM forum closed, a member started a great new mineral makeup forum. It now has hundreds of members and thousands of posts.

Come of over if you love mineral makeup!


Marion said...

I was on the forum and read almost all of it before they deleted the threads and would like to say that it wasn't a problem with communication. They didn't bash the member who didn't pay, but some of them didn't believe her explanations because she said different things on the forum and Facebook and had swaplifted several forum members. EDM deleted the threads because the member who didn't pay was an employer's friend. That was when the drama started, not before.

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