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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Skin Care Updates- Tips to Reduce Acne Scars

The week after my review on the SensiClear Acne Treatment kit, my skin has been cooperating and acne-free, for the most part. All I have left are battle scars. I thought this day would never come especially since I've had this for a few months. I still cannot figure out the cause- I have not changed any of my eating, sleeping, etc. habits. I have not tried new products on that area of my face that would have caused this. It was probably stress, but it's over! YAY!

So back to the battle scars.. I decided to change my routine just a bit this week. I am only concentrating the use of SensiClear on problem areas and skipping a few steps ^_^ (mostly toner). In lieu of toner, after cleansing I am using a moisturizer! My skin feels a bit dry and tight especially since it is getting colder so using a moisturizer this past week before putting on any acne treatment, has helped tremendously.

Yes to Carrots (YTC) Facial Hydrating Lotion- Given a sample of this product from Yes to Carrots earlier this year in April, (see YTC product sampling here), I did not fully appreciate this lotion until now. I thought since my skin is so oily/combo I wouldn't need moisture but that is actually false. After cleansing can be too drying for your skin, so your skin will actually produce more oil to compensate. So I'm still using the other sample and it's been great!! Will be picking up one of these when I can find it at a drugstore..

To learn about my all-natural remedy..
Honey- It's not a brand, it's just plain old honey you may have in your fridge. I've been using this since October actually to see if it helps. I have seen a slight improvement in the fading process, I think. If not, at least it's all natural so it doesn't hurt to have the yummy goodness of honey on your face anyway. Caution- It's sticky so tie your back and do not eat this off of your face afterwards! (Can you say ew?)

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

I love the YTC line. I'm currently using the Yes to Tomatoes as a night moisturizer. I love the smell and who it hydrates without being to oily. I have combo skin.

Take care!

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