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Monday, February 07, 2011

EcoTools Bath Accessories - Part 1

Pssssst, in case you haven't heard, EcoTools has some really great makeup brushes that are easily accessible at your local drugstore or retailer. I use them everyday b/c they're just too soft to not use! Plus it's a great pick-me-up in the morning when I sweep on a light bronzer or blush. :) (Read more reviews at TotalBeauty.com!)

I recently discovered the EcoTools collection of bath accessories which goes perfectly with my "New Year's - New Resolutions post." I have been diligently following a cleansing/exfoliating/lotioning routine, so I am happy that EcoTools offers a variety of accessories to help clean & exfoliate! There are 4 different types for you to choose from, and it really depends on your personal preference or two... ;)

EcoTools Bath AccessoriesEcoTools Bath Accessories
Body Buff- This Loofah & Bamboo body buff is reversible to cleanse and exfoliate your body. There is a strap so you can slide your hand underneath to make using either side easier. Perfect for those who hate using the palms of their hands to exfoliate! It's useful and saves space! Tip: I prefer to use this with a moisturizing wash otherwise it may be too drying for your skin in the winter.
Bath Mitt- This is a great everyday bath accessory. (My personal pick!) It's soft and gentle enough to use everyday but also exfoliates when you scrub just a bit harder. It's all up to you so you do have to do a bit more work. However I like how it just covers up your hand and you can scrub a dub away. Tip: Use a clothespin to hang this up and dry!
EcoTools Bath Accessories
EcoTools Bath Accessories
The Loofah- This loofah is a natural plant that is hard when it's completely dry which is good to exfoliate your skin. I use this on my feet especially but also all over my body for a quick slough. When the loofah is completely damp, it's squishy and makes it easier to exfoliate your skin. Tip: Use this once a week to get a natural exfoliation, courtesy of a Loofah ;)
The Sponge- Probably the most common of all accessories, since I already have one of these in my shower. However, this is HUGE! It's got layers and layers of recycled plastic net that weave in and out to create this intricate sponge. It's soft on your skin and really lathers your favorite body wash. I have been using a sponge like this and it looks absolutely skinny compared to this one. Hence, I threw mine out and have been using this whenever I feel like using this kind of sponge.

Stay tuned for more EcoTools bath & body accessories including foot brushes to keep your heels smooth!

(Disclaimer: I received this product from this company's PR agency to test, try and share my thoughts with my readers.)

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