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Monday, February 14, 2011

EcoTools Bath Accessories - Part 2

Have you seen these EcoTools bath accessories before? Check out more sponges, bath mitts and other exfoliating tools here in Part 1. Since it is the winter, I have been suffering with cracked heels. These tools came just in the nick of time, before Spring comes so I can be heel-ready. (Nude shoes, anyone?)

EcoTools gives you 2 options- a Brush & Foot File and a Foot File only accessory to get your feet exfoliated and flakey-free.
ecotools foot brush
ecotools foot file
The EcoTools foot brush & file is my personal favorite of the two. Why? Because it gives you more choices in one handle; one side is the brush that I use first and I can even scrub around my toes and top of my feet and the other side is the file to exfoliate your heels. The Foot File only accessory has two sides also- one is more coarse to exfoliate and other is finer to smooth your heels. My personal preference is the brush one but both "file" sides worked nicely. What used to be dry rough skin is now smooth and part of my actual foot! (haha)
Tip: Remember to use a heel cream after using these tools to moisturize!
ecotools facial buff
The EcoTools Facial Buff is like a mini Body Buff- 2 sides for cleaning and exfoliating. This is perfect for occasional sloughing off dead skin cells and everyday wash on the smooth side. Tip: Make sure to wet the buff entirely before placing on your face. It may be too harsh on sensitive skin.

There's a mini elastic strap so you can put two of your fingers in so you don't have to hold them. They're about 2 inches wide, so they're just the right size.

Overall, I found the EcoTools bath and facial accessories great to have to give that extra cleaning that your regular washcloth won't give you. Having these around your bathroom also reminds you that you need to exfoliate to get beautiful, clear skin!

In addition to these fabulous products, I bought at my local retailer, two other EcoTools products that I have been eyeing.. literally! Their Eye Mask & Moisturizing Socks are made of really soft rayon from bamboo. After scrubbing my feet, of course I have to retain its moisture by slathering on bodybutter on my heels and using these socks. The Eye Mask is great to block out any unnecessary light for a night of slumber.
ecotools socks
ecotools sleep mask

(Disclaimer: I received this product from this company's PR agency to test, try and share my thoughts with my readers.)

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Unknown said...

These look like great products - I've never tried any of EcoTool's products before but that brush & foot file would be really handy right now, what with the cold weather and all. Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...
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