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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Meg's Makeup Most Fab Gift- Free makeup!

In case you missed my first post of 2011, about my Meg's Makeup 50 point redemption gift (aka Free Makeup gift package), check out why Meg's Makeup is one of my favorite beauty sites! They offer great reviews you can rely on and they reward you with makeup! Learn more here!

How do they reward you? Earn points by being an active member by commenting, posting, etc! I recently earned 250 points and got myself a "Most Fab Gift." Look at this AMAZING package from Meg in the fastest time ever- just a week since I redeemed! All you pay is shipping which is $12 but that is nothing for what you get. My package retailed at over a $100.. and got lots of goodies to show for it.

Thank you Meg!! :) (Follow her on twitter if you're not already!)

megs makeup package
Here's what I got: (retail value of all $100+)
* Suki Complete Care for youthful skin
*Jean Paul Geultier Classique X Collection sample
* China glaze nailpolish
* Lancome Lipstick in "LOVE IT" (I do!)
* EcoGlo Minerals sample of their blush w/ brush
* Maybelline quad
* Mally's eyeshadow stick
* Love & Toast hand cream

Leave me a message if you'd like to see reviews. :)

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Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing! This seems like an interesting site; if you're going to blog might as well get something out of the time you put in right? :P

Starlux Jewelry said...

Neat! I am totally checking out Meg's Makeup right now!

Gaby Fauchon said...

Lots of great goodies! I'm not on Meg's Makeup anymore before of the shipping fees,but at leats I was able to redeem my Most Fab Gift before deleting my profile (=

SILVIA said...

cute post!
love your style

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