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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Degree for Women- Fine Fragrance Collection

Thanks to TotalBeauty.com, I had the chance to go to a wonderful event hosted by Degree Women for their unveiling of their Fine Fragrance Collection. Special guest, Lindsay Price, Lipstick Jungle & 90210, was there to show her support and to tell us that she, too, believed in having luxury items at an affordable cost.

The event was held in Dylan's Candy Bar in New York City, and it was such a well-organized and fun event! I got to meet other local beauty bloggers, have some delicious food and drinks and try out the three different scents from the Fragrance collection. My favorite part of the night was to chat with fabulous, Lindsay. She was so sweet and told me some of her beauty tips and must-haves including using a lipstain!

The Degree Women Fine Fragrance Collection includes:
* Delicious Bliss- a citrus-y scent with scents from apple, peach, raspberries and hints of magnolia and hyacinth (my FAVORITE one of all)
* Classic Romance- a blend of floral scents from rose and peony, also with a hint of citrus and bergamot (my second fave because it has citrus!)
* Sexy Intrigue- a more seductive fragrance with jasmine, rose and vanilla. This one also smells good..

These scents come in body mists and deodorants and the reason they have these scents paired together is for you to layer them on to carry a "fragrance impression." Not only will you be wearing the scented deodorant but the body mist will also help the scent stay on you longer. Of course, you can you wear them separately but would you know how a deodorant with its own scent and a perfumed lotion/spray in another scent mix together? You can surely ask someone close to you.. The two different scents could work against each other and you would end up smelling entirely different.

For exclusive pictures at the event...

Beauty and All That

Experience Perfume Unbottled @ http://degreewomen.com

(Disclaimer: I received this product from this company's PR agency to test, try and share my thoughts with my readers.)

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oh that event sound amazing! i'm so glad you got to experience it :) i guess it's only a US thing!

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