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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Physicians Formula Organic wear® 100% Natural Origin Mascara- Try Free!

Physicians Formula is giving you the chance to try their new Organic wear® 100% Natural Origin Mascara for Free! Yes, you read that right- Free!! (up to a $9.95 value) In order to qualify, you have to find the packaging with a free rebate sticker on it.

According to their website, this mascara is:

* Revolutionary 100% Natural Origin formula contains the purest ingredients and provides 5x Lash Boosting for lash length, volume & definition naturally.
* 100% Recyclable Eco-Brush defines each lash with ultra-soft plastic bristles.
* 100% Free of Harsh Chemicals, Synthetic Preservatives, Parabens, Clumping, Smudging, Flaking, Fibers & Dyes.

I tried this mascara and I have to say that I am in love with this! I wear this for more than 14 hours (my schedule is so hectic now with long days/nights) and by the time I come home, I only see a speck of the mascara under my eyes. I am so impressed that this product lasts so long- I usually see a smeared line/panda eyes or something under my eyes. But, this stays! Removal of this mascara is also very easy and doesn't require anything more than baby oil.

My lashes are noticeably darker and defined and makes my eyes pop. :) (Tip: On my upper lashes only, I use one coat from the root of the lashes to the tip from the bottom and then on the top to make sure my lashes are well-coated.)

Again, since this mascara is not made of harsh chemicals, I can wear this knowing it is good for my lashes and won't cause any irritation. It contains Tapioca starch for natural volume and organic beeswax, which works wonderfully. I can reapply the mascara without it looking too clumpy. The brush itself is 100% recyclable! Since mascaras are recommended to be used within 6 months of opening, I am determined to use this every day I leave the house AND find another one. I have checked several drugstores the past two weeks if they carry this mascara but sadly, they do not.

To learn more about other Physicians Formula Organic Wear products, including their bronzer, eyeliner, blush/bronzer compact, etc.. read here.

Get the rebate here
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