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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Reasons I Adore Everyday Minerals

Here are just a few reasons why I adore Everyday Minerals.

First, they offer a free sample kit to new customers. See mine here It gives you the chance to try their products and find your "color" before committing to any of their full-size products.

Second, they have on-going specials, whether it be a discount or freebies with your purchase. Recently, they offered a 5% discount for Mother's Day, a free lip balm with your purchase of $15 and a Guessing Game. This means that the more you order, the more prizes you will get. Based on the forums, it seems like the minimal order (less than $10) will get you a cellulose sponge, worth $2. Larger orders, like their personal custom kit- worth $34- will get you the sponge and a few other eye shadow samples. Update: Current special is a $5 Foptic brush (original price: $10)

This takes me to the third reason- they offer CUSTOM KITS!! You can put in any 6 full-size items for $34 or 12 full-size items for $50. A full-size item can cost between $6-12 and with a 12-item kit, it comes out to a little more than $4 each. What a bargain! You can also put in brushes which are about $10 a pop..

And the last reason why I am raving about them is their BRUSHES!! They have the most softest bristled brushes ever, including their famous FLAT TOP BRUSHES!

So how do you keep track of all their amazing color choices? Use this swatch list, excludes their numerous eye colors:
(From left to right: Cheeks, Base, Concealer/Face)

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