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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Product Review: Flip Video Camcorder

This is the first part of my Technology Beauty Series, where I will be reviewing tech gadgets that I am using to enhance my beauty blogging experience. Enjoy! :)

When I attended the Degree Women fragrance collection event in April, hosted by Degree and TotalBeauty, I was surprised with a wonderful gift for bloggers. They gave each of us a Flip Video Ultra Series Camcorder in Pink. It's an adorable gadget to record mini video clips (up to 60 minutes) that is easy to carry around and is so useful to take video clips of anything. You can also capture still picture from the video using their built-in software, so it's like a camera as well.

This is the back of the camcorder, which will be facing you when you record. Although the screen is a bit tiny, you're still able to see what you can capture. There's only a few buttons that are really needed when you use this- Record (which is the red button- can it be any easier?), Play (on the left) and Delete (the trash can sign). You can also zoom in and out (Up and Down keys) while you record. The functionality of this camcorder is basic so anyone can use this, even a child, I bet.

If you lose/misplace cables easily, then you will love this feature the Flip Video Camcorder has. As you can see from the picture, no extra cable is required to plug the device into your computer. This makes it easy to plug-in without the hassle of finding the right cable/wires/etc.

Looking at their website, www.theflip.com, they also have this camcorder in UltraHD, Mino and MinoHD. With the Mino series, you can custom create your own design or use one of their photos from the gallery for the exterior of the camcorder.

This is a great product to carry with when you're going out to events, such as the Degree Women fragrance collection event, and want to capture the special moments.

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1 comment:

Peggy said...

This looks really cool! THanks for the review.

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